Well, we've hit that time of year when its red, red, and more red wine walking out the door every day. And with the potential of summer soon in the rearview mirror, I see that trend continuing. But, many of you have asked for nice little mix of whites to go with your fall and winter stock up.

So here ya go, some of our favorites right now mixed into a tasty little Sixer.

Below, are your Six Essential Whites for Fall. Stock your fridge with these clean, refreshing, yet complex whites--from France, Italy, and Spain.

 All wrapped together for just $75 on a 6-pack, or $144 for a mixed "Double Down" case.

Here's what's inside:

  • La Camarette Armonia Blanc, Provence, France, 2016, $12--a wonderful example of a Provencale kitchen sink white wine. Juicy, fresh, lively and downright quaffable. Hard to beat as an everyday "house" white.
  • Poggio al Sole Chiara, Tuscany, Italy 2016, $17--A unique blend of Chardonnay and Sangiovese without skin contact. The resulting wine is raised in stainless steel and has a nice combo of richness and freshness.
  • Rey S'is Plau, Roussillon, France 2016, $12--One of our most popular whites around here. Love that little prickle and spritz in the beginning. Followed along with a low alcohol wine that's ready for aperitifs.
  • Tave Blanc, Rhone Valley, France 2016, $12--Stupidly good dry Muscat that disappears a little too fast. The French would call this gouleyant--slurpable!
  • Terra Remota Ales Blanques, Catalunya, Spain 2016, $17--A new favorite among our Spanish afficionados. A little kiss of the sea on the lips is followed by a honeyed and dry wine with great complexity.
  • Mas Karoilna Blanc, Catalanes, Franc 2015, $17--The richest and most powerful of the bunch. Made from old-vine Grenache Blanc and spends a bit of time in barrel. Great for the season's last use of the barbecue!

All in all that makes six really tasty dry white wines you'll be happy to serve as guests come over for that holiday tipple, or as an accompaniment to your grand dinner. (Or, just to have ready to drink in the fridge after you're done raking leaves or whatever...)

Added together, my math shows the full retail at $87. But your price?

 Just $75.00 for the 6-pack
$144.00 for a "Double Down" (2 bottles of each to make a solid case)

To order, simply reply to this email with your request: "6pack" or "Double Down". The wines will be ready to go starting today, Tuesday September 26th when we open at 11am.

Come and get 'em!


Dan, Amalie, and Yamile

CorksCru Wine Merchants
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Portland, OR 97209
T: (503) 226-9463

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