Happy New Year!

May I first say...many many good wishes to all for a safe, healthy, formidable 2018. Every year at this time I reflect on how fortunate I am to have such a loyal and dedicated following of customers that make doing what we do oh-so satisfying. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Heading into 2018 I've got more in store. Look for some new wineries from the Rhone, Piedmont, Catalonia, and Portugal (!) to show up over the course of the year. (I think the latter will be particularly interesting for everyone)

And now...

As is my standard operating procedure, I always round off the year with a 6-pack of my favorite sparkling wines from the year. These babies are all tasting great and ready to go. Let's get a sixer all dolled up for you in plenty of time to celebrate the New Year. Here they are:

Six Foamy Bubbly Sparkling Bottles to round out 2017

  • La Casaccia Metodo Classico NV--A terrific Pinot Noir/Chardonnay from the Piedmont, and quite unusual. Made in a Champagne-style--nice and brut, with good intense bubbles. ($24)
  • Ampelidae Armance B NV--Our "house" bubbly around here for many years. This Loire beauty just can't be beat at under twenty bucks. Drink it with impunity. ($19)
  • Ampelidae Armance B Rosé NV--The pink version of the above wine arrived a couple months and has turned into a dark-horse for favorite sparkler of the year. Another winner at ($19).
  • Boccard Cerdon Bugey NV--Speaking of Adult Sparkling HI-C--This is hands down our number one selling bubbly of the year. Keeping it around is a real problem. We're lucky to have some available this late in the year. ($18)
  • Mathieu Cosme Vouvray Fines Bulles NV--Pure Chenin Blanc from the Loire with a really nice fine petillance that persists in the glass right through to the end of the bottle. Mrs. Cru's hands down favorite every year. ($21)
  • Bainbridge & Cathcart La Danseuse NV--But for my money, this is the year's winner, a glorious bottle of bubbly rosé that just brims with life and energy. I love the dark, garnet color this year and the nose-tickling persistent foam. A perfect bottle of bubbles. ($24)

Want a Sixer with your name on it?

Just $99

(regular at $125)

Shoot me a quick note in reply and we'll make the magic happen, or click HERE to order one online.

Amalie and Yamile will be on hand today, Friday, and Saturday from 11am-6pm to get you hooked up. Plus, I'm sure there will be plenty of bottles open every day for tasting and tippling.

See you soon!

Warm regards,


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