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Roquemale Roq Blanc 2018

Roquemale Roq Blanc 2018
A June 2019 CRUx6 White Selection

The Domaine de Roquemale is an 11 hectare property near Villeveyrac, about 30 minutes from southern French city of Montpellier. The vineyard is appropriately named, a local patois meaning 'bad rocks'. Indeed, a visit to Roquemale yields the visitor a head-scratching experience of wondering why anyone would try to actually grow anything here! In fact, the beautiful viaduct (pictured) was once used to carry bauxite from a local mine only a kilometer away to the freight yard and ships of the nearby city. 

Dominique Ibanez and Valerie Tabaries began Roquemale in 2001, having searched high and low looking for just the right place. They had their "love at first sight moment" when they drove under the viaduct arches and stood among Roquemale's old vines and olive trees. The magic of that day translates well into their delicious bottles of wine.

Roq Blanc rocks! An uncommonly rich and creamy white from this part of the wine world, yet made entirely in stainless steel, and built to drink young and fresh. A real kitchen sink mix of varieites--Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier, and Vermentino. A darn polished white wine.

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Grenache Blanc
Gres de Montpelier