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Rey Galets Roules 2015

Rey Galets Roules 2015

I met Cathy Sisquelle under auspicious circumstances. She greeted me cordially on a sunny Saturday in the Roussillon (near Perpignan) and we began by having a quick tour of her small winery. As we stepped through the door, Cathy screamed and was instantly on my shoulders looking for protection. Of course I had no idea what was going on until she pointed ahead of us on the floor. 


Husband Philippe showed up a few moments later (the scream was loud) and looked at the two of us like we were total fools. "It's dead," he proclaims, and kicked it with his boot. It slithered away. Not dead. 

Eventually Philippe found and disposed of the serpent and we merrily went about our business, neither of us liking snakes very much, but probably more intimately introduced to any winemaker I've met in 25 years of doing this.

Cathy creates a large range of wines at Chateau de Rey. Red, white, pink, young, older, dry, sweet, name it. She caterrs to lots of tourists and locals with an inexpensive bag-in-box, but her eyes really light up when tasting and pouring this wine--"Les Galets Roulés"--or to you and me, Rolling Rock.

It is powerful, dark, opaque and oh-so Mediterranean. Syrah and century-old Carignane combine to make a wine that is complex, structured, and ageworthy. I'd put this up against any and all comers from Rhone's Chateauneuf-du-Pape or Gigondas.

Truly gorgeous.

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