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Rosé Summer Stocker 6-pack

Rosé Summer Stocker 6-pack

A rosé worth discussing is a dry one. This simply means that the grape's natural sugars have all fermented into alcohol. Nothing more, nothing less. Once that happens the final wine becomes a refreshing and delightful example of really, really light colored red wine--red wine that's okay to drink cold, and drink often. In fact, I think rosé has completely turned a corner and is firmly in the mindset of the wine consumer. For perhaps the first time in a 25 year wine selling career I sold rosé all year last year. That's right, folks were jonesing a little summer reminder in January and February. Now that's an idea to embrace!

This year's mix is a French/Portuguese/Italian affair, one of the first pink mixes I've ever done that wasn't all from the south of France. But all over Europe we can now find remarkably delicious examples of quality, dry rosé. Here they are:

Monte Branco Alento Rosé 2019--What more can one say about rosé? Luis Louro's Alento Rosé, grown in the heart of Portugal's Alentejo, is everything one could want for their backyard quaffer, patio barbecue, trip to the beach pink wine. It is dangerously good. And at that price? Buy it by the case load...

Claouset Bordeaux Rosé 2019--Until last year I had never once, not ever ever, imported a Bordeaux Rosé. But when I tasted this one, freshly bottled and quivering with freshness, I vowed to change my ways. I think you'll come to quickly approve of this one too. Our only repeat from last year.

Hautes Noelles He-Ho La Rosé 2019--A first time entry into our stable of lively, delicious, oh-so thirst-slaking pinks wines. He-Ho has become a household name around here for red and white, and now Jean-Pierre introduces a pink, made from Gamay and Grolleau to the mix. Ready for the beach.

Poggio al Sole Rosato Primavera 2019--We struck gold in Tuscany this year. I am never ever on time to order this wine and it sell out typically within weeks of release. But I got my reservation made in January this year and now we own one of the few bits of this pure Sangiovese Rosato to find its why out of Italy. More like a serious, lightly-colored red wine.

Contrada di Sorano Vino Rosato--But it all. That's what we did here. It was the first rosé we committed too this year when Paolo Baudana wrote and told us he made a few hundred bottles (for fun) and would like a little. I want all of it, I told him. And now, here it is. Pure Nebbiolo rosé made by a Barolo producer. How cool.

Giovanna Tantini Bardolino Chiaretto, Veneto 2019--grown on the shores of Lake Garda and made by the indefatigable Giovanna Tantini. This was a popular addition the lineup last year and I figured why not go back? Corvina, the grape of Valpolicella, steals the show here. 

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