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Mas Foraster Julieta 2022

Mas Foraster Julieta 2022


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The Mas is lovely old place, completely retro-fitted over the years to accommodate Ricard's gleaming winery. The tank room is pristine and clean. There are experimental uses of concrete vats and terra cotta amphorae going on, and the barrel room is packed with only the best cooperage. Everything is done right, and the attention to detail reflects on the finished wine. 

And what a finished wine this is! Made in a combo of tanks and old barrels, with a regular batonnage (stirring of the solids in the wine to add texture), it is the mouthfeel that is so alluring here. Rich, honeyed, and silky--but then, the Macabeu goes to work. This is a fresh, high acid grape that really benefits from the warm days, and quite cool nights at Mas Foraster (95 daytime, and sometimes into the 40's at night, even during summer). This might be from Spain, but the aromatics and freshness point more toward a high elevation mountain wine. 

Look for the aroma wheel to point toward crunchy green apples, pears, and quince, and then get ready for a mouthfeel that is satiny and rich, with a nice hit of salinity on the lips (the ocean's not far away). 

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