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Les Athletes du Vin Gamay 2019

Les Athletes du Vin Gamay 2019

Les Athletes du Vin is a négociant project focused on producing great value typical wines from the Loire Valley. The idea was conceived by a group of French winemakers called Vini Be Good who work together to distribute their wines in France. The wines are vinified by various members of the Vini Be Good network using their own grapes or grapes purchased from friends and neighbors in the Loire.

Road Cru works with four winemakers of the Vini Be Good network: Matthieu Cosme of Domaine de Beaumont, Jean-Pierre Guedon of Les Hautes Noelles, Pierre Martin in Sancerre, and Antoine Van Remoortere in Menetou Salon. We're excited to present these wines, a true collaborative effort among talented winemakers.

The labels for Les Athletes du Vin are drawings by French artist, illustrator, and cartoonist Michel Tolmer who has been the unofficial lead artist of the French natural wine movement since the 1990s.

When I first tasted this Gamay last year I was immediately transported to the classic Parisian bistro, a single flower on each table, a cheap wine glass, and some kind of plat du jour--coq au vin or a cassoulet maybe, that would be enjoyed while quaffing a wine like this. Pure unadulterated Gamay that comes from the western Loire near Ancenis. Made all in tank and intended to be simple, fruity, and scrumptious.

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