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Laura David Mon Mojo 2022

Laura David Mon Mojo 2022

Loire Valley

Pinot Noir
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When writers use the word mojo it is often in the context of "getting some back" as if it had been lost, and now found anew. A basketball player may have "gotten their mojo back" on the court last night, or a musician may have "found their mojo again with their new recording". But I think in the case of Laura David, her mojo has been there the whole time, and she knows exactly what is.

Etymologically, mojo is an American word with African origins. Literally, Mojo may mean a magic talisman or charm, or the power derived from that magic talisman or charm. Often, this mojo is carried in a pouch around one’s neck. Figuratively, mojo refers to someone’s personal power, their ability to influence others, and their overall magnetism.

The word mojo first appeared around 1920, probably from the Creole culture. It may have been derived from the Fula word moco’o, which means medicine man. Fula is a language that is spoken across Western and Central Africa. 
The word mojo enters mainstream English with songs written by African-American blues singer Muddy Waters in the 1950s, such as Got My Mojo Workin’. The term crossed into American rock with the song Mr. Mojo Risin’  by The Doors (headslap, an anagram of 'Jim Morrison'). In modern terms, mojo is more likely to refer to a person’s personal strength and feelings of capability rather than talismans or magic.

Today we see mojo everywhere. "The stock market gets its mojo back!" yet "the dollar loses its mojo". One can drink Mojo brand kombucha tea, buy theatre tickets at Box Office Mojo, or dabble in cryptocurrency with MojoCoin.
Laura David's #1 red wine is simply called Mon Mojo. The way she explains it, her mojo is her "driving force", as if to say, "here is the wine that best reflects what I do, what I've always wanted to do, and what I will to continue to do best into the future." For her, mojo isn't fleeting, it's in fact always there. There's no need to "get it back" if it hasn't been lost in first place. 

I'd call this her 'signature' wine, and indeed, her particular brand of Mojo.

  • From her Touraine vineyards about 20km east of Tours, on the south side of the Loire
  • A fantastic and unique blend of 80% Pinot Noir, 10% Cot (Malbec), and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Made in tank to preserve fruit freshness and lend a scrumptious quality
  • Pinot gives bright red fruit aromatics, Cabernet gives a nice hit of tannin, and Cot gives the purplish color
  • Lovely if served slightly cool
Wine Specs
Pinot Noir
Loire Valley