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Lapinesse Cuvee Prestige Rouge 2016

Lapinesse Cuvee Prestige Rouge 2016

The Chateau Lapinesse is the brainchild of twin brothers David and Laurent Siozard. They acquired the domaine in 2006 and have slowly and surely invigorated it with new life and careful attention. Their 4 hectares (two red and two white) are situated among the finest vineyards of Barsac/Sauternes and their neighbors often commande 2-3x the price of their own. 

Are those other wines worth it? Maybe, but none carry the quality/price ratio of David and Laurent's. 

We were wowed by a full lineup tasting recently. The whites are lively, complex and delicious. The sweet wines are astonishingly layered and complete. But the reds? Well, that's were the truth lies. These are AOC Graves Rouge of uncommon power, structure, and richness. This 2011 was a showstopper--concentrated, filled with puissance, and finely tuned. Wow factor. 

This wine almost didn't happen. I thought we might have to wait another year until David's 2014 became available. But alas, we conducted a little cellar raid and came away with his last 300 bottles of 2011--a glorious and classic Bordeaux rouge. 

David also makes a delightful little Sauvignon/Semillon white blend from his other property, Domaine du Claouset. Check it out!

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