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Ipsum Pure Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Ipsum Pure Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

David Siozard is on his tractor right there drinking Bordeaux. The photo might be a little staged, but the content speaks volumes. Who wouldn't want to be doing that?

A few years ago a neighbor unearthed the remains of what have now been identified as Gallo-Roman houses. It was proof positive that humans have been making use of the agricultural qualities of this region--known as Entre-deux-Mers for thousands of years. But the work of the Siozard brothers over the last 10 has been transformative and remarkable.

By the late 90's this was an estate in disrepair--poorly farmed, a rundown winery, and lifeless wines. But today, we have a gem on our hands and a thoroughly different experience. Wines at Domaine de Claouset are clean, bright, energetic, and thoughtful, a lot like David. 

The Domaine de Claouset Ipsum Pure Carmere is just flat out delicious--a veritable salad bowl of red fruits, framed with a nice dusty tannin. This is one of those bottles I would put someone's hands that wrongly believes all Bordeaux sucks. Why? Because it proves in fact, that um, all Bordeaux does NOT indeed suck. In fact, this is a remarkably structured wine.

This is a new everyday wine from Claouset and is impossibly good for under $18. The range improves from here. But you know me, I like finding the great value in the everyday bottle. And this one is it!

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