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CorksCru Sampler


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We have a vested interest in the farmers and winemakers we meet, the wines they make, and the stories they have to tell. As of this writing we're working directly with about 40 wineries in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, and over the past year about 50,000 or so of their bottles found their way into our warehouse and then out into your car or onto a UPS truck. Thank you!

With this six-pack you'll be introduced to a virtual tour of some of (we think) our best selections in the $20 price range.  Get to know us in just a week or two with this nice half dozen recent discoveries from all over Europe. 

With this mixed pack you'll receive six different wines, all ready to drink right now. Here they are:

From Portugal...

Monte Bronco Alento Branco 2022, $19-- If you must know it is blended from 50% Arinto, 40% Antão Vaz, and 10% Roupeiro (for what that's worth). It is built to drink young, while it's nice and primary and refreshing. I love the citrine color and the fruit aromatics that leap from the glass. A wine to keep by the caseful at home. This is our go-to for something to sip while we prepare the meal, and carries us right through to the table. the Loire

Laura David Côt, $24-- Malbec in France has its roots in the hearty southwest where it is known as the Black Grape of Cahors, but further north, it more resembles a bright and fresh wine, with wonderful acidity and fruit balance, yet still maintains its opaque black color. I often find just enough dusty tannin to barely coat the teeth when we drink this one, yet the wine maintains a real lip-smacking juicy quality too.

Then, from Tuscany...

Sassotondo Ciliegolo Maremma Toscana 2022, $27--Why isn't this Tuscan winery, in business for 25 years, not more well-known? They must be making Sangiovese right? Everybody loves that stuff! Well, it turns out that Tuscany is pretty big, about the size of New Jersey. And just like everywhere in New Jersey is not on the beach, not everywhere in Tuscany is in Chianti Classico or Montalcino. In fact, the Maremma is far from it. Little cherries. That is what the grape variety Ciliegiolo translates to in Italian. But when one sees Ciliegiolo written on paper, or a wine label, and speaks very little Italian, they need a mnemonic device to rememeber how it's pronounced. Alas, I give you: Chili Jell-O. Its color is ruby red, of nice vivacity; the nose is intense with notes of red fruits, plum, licorice and the typical touch of ground white pepper. The taste is warm and smooth thanks to tannins that are present but not aggressive and to a structure backed up by alcohol and a nice acidity.

...And finally, a from Piedmont

Contrada di Sorano Barbera Superiore Sottosopra 2021, $23--