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CorksCru Sampler

CorksCru Sampler

A Vinous Tour of Europe

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We have a vested interest in the farmers and winemakers we meet, the wines they make, and the stories they have to tell. As of this writing we're working directly with about 40 wineries in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, and over the past year about 50,000 or so of their bottles found their way into our warehouse and then out into your car or onto a UPS truck. Thank you!

With this six-pack you'll be introduced to a virtual "Tour de Europe" of some of (we think) our best selections in the $20 price range.  Get to know us in just a week or two with this nice half dozen bottles from the countries we explore--Italy, France, and Portugal.

With this six-pack you'll receive two whites, a bubbly, and three reds. Here they are:

The Whites

La Camarette Armonia Blanc Ventoux 2019, $17--I ate a meal at Camarette recently and started with a glass of their appropriately named Armonia, a truly lovely white wine that whet the appetite, and wakened my tastebuds. It's a true kitchen sink white crafted from Ugni Blanc, Rolle, Grenache Blanc and a splash of Viognier. Don't be fooled by the low price tag on this wine. It was made in small quantity, handcrafted, and drinks more like a far more stylish French white wine than the Ventoux typically offers. 

Domaine de Claouset Bordeaux Blanc 2019, $17--By the late 90's this was an estate in disrepair--poorly farmed, a rundown winery, and lifeless wines. But today, we have a gem on our hands and a thoroughly different experience. Wines at Domaine de Claouset are clean, bright, energetic, and thoughtful, a lot like the twin brothers running this place--David and Laurent Siozard.

The Domaine de Claouset Blanc is shockingly delicious--a wonderful blend of Sauvignon and Semillon, with small doses of Sauvignon Gris and Muscadelle. Finding a tasty little gem like this is why we do what we do. When we first tasted this wine with David we were sure it would be 50% more spendy than turned out to be. 

The Bubbly

Vadio Espumante Branco Rosé NV, $27--THIS wine right here, was hands down my favorite from a week jaunt in Portugal during March 2020. Wow.

Produced from the local Baga, each plot is harvested individually during the morning, followed a gentle whole bunch pressing. The fermentation takes place totally in barrel and the aging on lees is promoted for about 6 months. The aroma has great complexity and elegance. It is dominated by red fruits and asian spices. The palate is creamy and rich with a balanced acidity and a lot of depth.

The Reds

Mas Seren Lilith IGP Cevennes 2017, $24--Old Vine Grenache (50%) and Cinsault (50%) comprise this wine--a savory, mouthfilling, ample red grown deep in the Cevennes countryside. For me there is no better value in the Languedoc. If this wine said "Chateauneuf" on the label it would be 3x the price.

And, it's amazing what has been created here simply using fiberglass tanks. Not a splinter of oak to be found. Plump, juicy, round, and complex. What more could you want?

La Paroisse Cote Roannaise Coupe de Foudre 2019, $22--This cuvée called 'Coup de Foudre' is made from some of Jean-Claude's "medium-aged" Gamay vines--in this case about 80-110 years old, and in a style that was favored by his father and grandfather before him. In this case it means a 1 year aging in old, upright barrels (foudres) to allow a silky, warm mouthfeel that gives way to layers and layers of concentrated Gamay fruit. A very ripe, juicy vintage in 2019 gives a very fine wine that will make many of you pay more attention to this part of France, especially given the price!

Contrada di Sorano Barbera d'Alba 2019, $21--Great Barbera! Nuf said?