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Clos de Mez Fleurie Mademoiselle M 2018

Clos de Mez Fleurie Mademoiselle M 2018
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Marie-Elodie Zighera is unlike any young winemaker I've ever met.

Her winemaking style is firmly rooted in 1911, the year her oldest vineyards were planted. As a winemaking 30-something one might expect to listen to her explain the virtues of natural winemaking or expound her desire to "express terroir" or some other modern lexography.

However, I wouldn't call this anything close to resembling the teeth-coating, slightly spritzy, cotton candy kinda Beaujolais that is dominating the market. Marie-Elodie's wines are always lively, finely-layered, and filled with finesse. I find this bottle to be made more like Pinot Noir, and less like tooty-fruity Beaujolais.

There is nothing modern here. One can more imagine they've stepped into a winery in 1930 rather than 2016. There is an utter void of fancy winemaking tools and equipment to be seen. I love everything about it.

Arrives June 2021
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