Hi Again Friends,

A lot of you replied to yesterday's email offer, repeated below, asking if there was a way to purchase "just the 'little' (sic) Chablis without the the 'big boys' (sic, again)."

Well, you crowdsourced a good idea!

So, Yes! Guylhaine Begue-Matihiot's tasty Chablis 2015 can also be yours 'stand alone' as well. Regular price is $24. On pre-arrival:

Just $17

6-packs less 5% off, Solid cases at 10% off

Let it rip!

Happy Wednesday,


PS--This might just be my last white wine offer for the remainder of the year. Lots of reds for fall and winter on deck...

I am at once delighted to offer you these wines, and also bummed to do so. These will be the last of Guylhaine Begue-Mathiot's Chablis for at least two years. That's the sucky part.

The part that doesn't suck is that I am offering you her glorious 2015s, a once-in-a-decade vintage that made Burgundians from Macon to Irancy smile and nod with satisfaction. Me too. When we tasted these wines for the first time in May with a small group of traveling Portlanders, there was a broad consensus.

When one of our guests asked if we could try the 2016s directly from tank, however, Guylhaine turned dark. "The tanks are empty," she said. "There was no wine in 2016." None. A late spring ice storm took away the entire vintage. Silence befell the room.

The complexities of her statement are hard to even fathom. All Guylhaine has is current inventory (really delicious inventory, mind you), and when it's gone, there will be nothing behind it. And now, to compound matters further, 2017 appears to probably be down 50-80% in Chablis.

Who wants to be an independent wine grower?

Okay, enough cautionary tales and doomsday speak. Back to the good news. I've committed to as much of her 2015's as possible. There are four different Premier Cru wines for you to chew on and each one is as magnificent as the next. Let's hook her up, shall we?

Begue Mathiot Chablis 2015s Premier Cru 4pack, $99

(regular $138)

You'll get one each from her vineyards in Vaillons, Vaucopins, Fourchaume, and the stingy Fourchaume Vieilles Vignes. Hers is a small winery, and total production on these wines ranges from between 800-3000 bottles per year. Miniscule. All the wines show the richness and depth of 2015, yet still keep the fingerprint of each vineyard--Vaillons for honeyed and tropical notes, Vaucopins for limpid minerally acidity, and Fourchaume for a haunting combination of both.

For me and Mrs. Cru, they are perfect expressions of Chablis.


Make it a 6-pack by adding 2 bottles of Guylhaine's AC Chablis 2015, $132

(regular $186)

This wine is silly delicious, a "welcome to Begue-Mathiot" bottling. An additional $33 gets you two bottles of this really great AC Chablis.

To order please simply reply to this email with your request: "4pack" or "Sixer"--or even "Mixed Case" if you'd like--2 of each Premier Cru + 4 regular Chablis for $264.

Just tell me what you want, what you really, really want...* Or click the links above to read more about each wine and order online. I expect delivery by mid-October, ready to drink, or happily frittered away in your cellar for the next 5-10 years.



*Junior Cru just rolled her eyes reading this.

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