Thanksgiving Survival Kit 5.0

A few years ago, on a whim, we sent an offer for something called a Thanksgiving Survival Kit. It ended up being one of the most popular 6-packs of the year. I think something resonated with folks about the seemingly disparate mix of wines. But to us that's what Thanksgiving is all about. There's no perfect bottle to go with a meal that features 8-19 different dishes, right? So, we like to mix it up with the wine selections too.

Every single one of these wines at some time or another has been offered by journalistic types as the "perfect" wine for the holiday table. So because we're offended by that, we're offering them all!

Plus, this year's 6-pack comes with a 4oz. "teaser" bag of Pinkleton's Popcorn. No joke! So, without further adieu, for just $89 on the six-pack, behold....

The Sparkler (in Pink)
For five straight years we've featured a dry, sparkling, rosé as the leadoff hitter on this 6-pack. This year's comes courtesy of sisters Nancy and Alex Gontier at Domaine de la Camarette. Dan and Elizabeth recenlty visited them and had this bottle over dinner at their restaurant. They sell most of it exclusively there. The next morning Elizabeth managed to wrestle some bottles away and here it is! A lively, refreshing pink that will make a terrific aperitif for dinner guests. Bulles de la Camarette, NV $22

The Perfect White
Cathy Sisquelle is making quite a name around here. Her fizzy "Si's Palu" and her sun-kissed rosé were summer favorites in our house, but nothing gets me more excited than when we receive another delivery of her Muscat C29. The wine is named for the year the vines were planted--1929! They are the treasure of the Roussillon and Cathy coaxes a wonderfully aromatic white wine from them. This is a sneakily complex wine with just a soche of residual sugar but lots of fresh acidity to keep it dry and clean. Chateau de Rey Muscat C29 2015, $16

Spain on the Brain
There are very few true wine bargains left in Europe today. Importers have dug most of them up and exploited them for all they're worth! But I think the world has been slow to catch on to Montsant, an area southwest of Barcelona that is offering plenty of bang for the buck. Here, Albert Jané carries on a tradition begun by his grandfather. The use of old vine Garnatxa and Carignane combined together make a rich, full, teeth-staining red wine. You'll be happy to sip this one following the heavy meal. Acústic Cellar Montsant Tinto 2013, $21

The Really Really Pretty
One cannot have a conversation about "old vines" without considering this wine first and foremost. Jean-Claude Chaucesse's 2nd great grandfather planted Gamay near Roanne in 1878. The planting was perhaps the first made on American rootstock and unbelievably, they still stand today. Jean-Claude names this wine in rememberance of that year (1878). Honestly, I think you can drink this wine with almost anything. It is one of my favorites that we import. Pure, silky, complex, and gorgeous. La Paroisse '1878' Cotes Roannaise 2014, $23

The Italian Job
There is no possible way to do this six-pack without an Italian Barbera. This category of wine really is one of the most popular we offer. Why? I think it covers all the bases for wine lovers: Dark and fruity, nice structure, exuberant, dark color, stains the teeth a little, and food friendly (whatever that means to you). This one is simply a wonderful expression of Barbera, and Piemontese red wine in general. Elio Perrone Barbera d'Asti Tasmorcan 2014, $16.

The Provencale Kitchen Sink
We finish where we began, back at Domaine de la Camarette. But this time we're interested in the best $12 spent in our store--on the Gontier sister's 'welcome mat' wine, a red simply called Armonia. There are 10 grape varieties planted at Camarette and this wine sees most of 'em. You'll probably need to come back for more of this one. I can imagine a dinner party of 10 knocking out a sixer in no time flat. Just delicious, easy-drinking, gouleyant, red wine. Domaine de la Camarette Armonia Rouge 2015, $12

That's right...One bottle of each for just $89

(at a regular price of $110, by my math)
 Or, you can DOUBLE DOWN and get 2 bottles of each wine for just $168

That's better than 20% off the regular price and under $15/bottle for some super delicious, holiday table-ready wine. To order one or more of these nice deals, simply reply to this email with your request--"6-pack" or "Double Down". (And don't forget--FREE Popcorn with every purchase. Woo-hoo!)

Want to order online? Here you GO!

Wines are ready to go by noon today, 11/15, and available all the way through Thanksgiving Eve. We hope you'll try them out. Plus, we'll have bottles open for tasting throughout the week when you stop by to grab your loot. 
Gobble Gobble!

Jane and Dan

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