Happy May!

We are talking about the tumultous year of 2016. Most of us will remember it for a long time.  The one thing that we can cull out of this wild ride of a year is that we had terrific and delicious wine vintages in many of our favorite regions. 

The past couple weeks we have been privy to sampling some of these new vintages and though our vigneron friends were challenged in some repects, many of them met and exceeded expectation. 

So, let's flesh out this defense of 2016 with this week's Friday night tasting by showcasing a couple Spring drinking French whites- floral, grassy, and lean, and... 12.5 alcohol. Thank you very much. Siozard Claouset Bordeaux Blanc and Amplidae Marigny Neuf Sauvignon.   

Follow that with a new vintage of a Corkscru fave, the Mas Karolina Cotes Catalanes Rouge--succulent, dark, and filled with juicy fruit.

All of these new offerings may just beg you to walk it out to the patio for the inaugural firing up of the trusty old grill.  Why yes, it is the best of times!

Tasting from 4-7. Come one, come all.



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