Inexpensive does not mean "cheap".

This is the CRUx of the matter.

Four times a year I get my jollies on putting together a mixed 6-pack wine club for the Cru faithful. I'm not kidding--I really love doing this. When I began direct importing again a few years ago it meant that I was thinking six months ahead on this thing. Today, that means seeing the fruits of my labor from last July finally land on our doorstep later this week.

I'm in Europe right now, in fact, heading to Alsace tomorrow and then off to the Rhone next week. And what am I hunting? Wines for the JULY club of course! See, I LOVE to look high and low for that little 'ol inexpensive six-pack of wine that a few hundred people trust me with four times a year. This requires a bit more than scouring a catalog and then negotiating a lower price for a wine that you could probably buy at the grocery store.

Bleeding heart idealist.

But then I get to thinking... "See, this is why most wine clubs stink." There quite often is:

  • No variety
  • No unique wines
  • No surprise
  • No passion
  • and No real value

So I decided to (re)introduce our most popular quarterly club with a new name: CRUx6. And today I'm wondering if you'd like to come along for the ride.

Here's how it works:

  • You choose to buy 6 REDS or 6 WHITES, or a MIXED DOZEN of BOTH
  • We direct-import wines from small producers with limited availability (no big commercial wines)
  • You enjoy ready-to-drink bottles
  • There's is occasionally more available to purchase (at 20%) off if you like what you taste
  • You pay $12 for wines that taste like they cost $20. Stupidly good deals.
  • You'll receive short missive about each bottle to give a tasty narrative
  • Pick it up four times a year-- ready to go Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct

Sound like you? Here's the offer: The 6-pack will run you just $75, or $144 if you'd like to "Double Down" by grabbing the reds and the whites, or a solid case of all whites or all reds.

That's nuts, right?

There are two ways to join. The easiest is to simply reply to this email and write, "I'm in." And, tell us if you want to roll with "6 Red" or "6 White" or if you'll go all Vegas on this thing and "Double Down" by taking BOTH.

(We'll reply ASAP to discuss payment details. If you've bought from us previously we can use a credit card you have on file, with your authorization.)

Or, click HERE and choose the CRUx6 button that sounds like you. Fill out the form and the rest is history. Your first mix will be ready to go later this week.

I hope you'll consider joining us four times a year for a 6-pack (or case) of wine goodies.



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