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Around this time every year I like putting winter in the rearview mirror and tempt with you with a taste of Spring. But with these three wines, I'm not sure there's really a bad time of year to enjoy them.

If you were to ask me, "hey, what are your three 'must have' white wines from France?", these would be it. No further thought necessary, no head-scratching, no deeper deliberation.

  1. Vouvray
  2. Chablis
  3. Muscadet

So I thought, why not put them together into a tasty little 3-pack, a bottle each, and you can see for yourself what I'm talking about? Here they are, for just $54 on the trifecta:

A Wintry 3-pack of French White Wine

Mathieu Cosme Vouvray Les Promenards 2016: A dry, limpid but oh-so complex Chenin Blanc, brimming with minerality and unusually concentrated and rich. The low-yielding 2016 vintage really brought home the fireworks. As fine of a dry Vouvray as I've had in years. Ready for a good hunk of blue cheese and a good crusty baguette. (regular $24)

Begue-Mathiot Chablis AC 2015: Guylhaine Begue-Mathiot currently has no wine in her winery. In 2016 mother nature zeroed her out following a Spring freeze, and we bought up the rest of her stupendous 2015--a honeyed, yet steely, mouthful of Chardonnay that tastes like anything BUT Chardonnay. Perfectly suited to a fresh piece of white fish with lemon and butter. (regular $24)

Hautes-Noelles Muscadet Les Moineries 2011: NOT a mis-print, this beautiful bottle-aged Muscadet is a must for any wine lover. I mean, who even considers Muscadet as a wine to drink after 2 years in and underground tank, then another 5 stored properly in the bottle? I love the salinity here that frames a mouth-watering, bone dry Loire white, perfectly ready to slurp with some oysters or other fresh shellfish. (regular $18)

Just $54 on the 3-pack, one bottle of each

(about 20% off the regular price)

To order, please simply reply to this email and we'll process your request right away, or click the link above to read more and order online. Supplies are limited. The wines are IN and ready to go right away.



PS--Two spots left to join us on a tour in northern Italy from September 18th-28th. Piedmont, Valtellina, Sudtirol, Veneto, and Emilia Romagna. Ten days, Seven wineries, lotsa pasta, fresh salami, old churches, and local food specialties. Prosecco, Lambrusco, Amarone, Nebbiolo, and high-elevation Pinot Noir--all on deck. Hang with the locals. Shoot me a note for further details. Or check this out.

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