Hiya Rosé Fans,

This will most likely be summer's final rosé offer. And its a doozy. Since you've previously purhcased some of our pinks, I thought you'd be interested in this quaffable beauty too.

Dan unloaded our first ever direct-imported Italian container yesterday. On it was a wine from a Sicilian pink grapefruit farmer who also owns a small Tuscaan wine and olive oil farm near Arrezzo. Ettore Ciancico operates La Salceta as a fully organic winery--no herbicides or pesticides, and very little intervention in the winery. He grows acacia trees for honey too!

Since this is Tuscany, you might expect the wine to be made from Sangiovese, but Ettore doesn't like this. Instead, he has 1 hectare of Cabernet Franc (he loves Loire wines, like us!) and dedicates it to Osato (like Rosato, but without the 'R').

Osato is a beautiful pale, but somewhat garnet pink color, and leaps from the glass with a tangy freshness. Its nice and dry and persists with bright fruit throughout the bottle.

You'd be hard pressed to find a better wine for your next mozzarella/tomato/basil salad. Followed by a pasta dish of course...

La Salceta 'Osato', $18

On sale today for $16

And better... 6-packs at just $84, that's $14/bottle!

Additionally, Ettore bottles Osato with Vino-lok, a glass cork that perfectly seals and preserves the wine, never gives a "corked" bottle (obvs), and is easy to reseal and reuse. Awesome!

Ettore only makes 100 cases of this wine, and we got 10% of 'em! That's good and bad tough. Good that we're continuing to find delicious small production wines, but bad because that's not too much to go around.

Want some? Simply, reply to this email with your request, or click the link above to read more about La Salceta and order online. Also, as supplies last I'll have a bottle open for tasting today if you happen to be in the neighborhood.



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