Hello friends!                     

After a fabulous 4th of July making Paella on the grill, I still have Spain on the brain.  And why shouldn't we all?  Aside from the obvious- seafood, sherry, and Picasso, the Spanish goverment and unions  this week are petitioning courts to lower the average work week, "designed to create better work-life balance." Great idea!  So, tomorrow Friday July 20th from 4-7pm, we celebrate the notion of work-life balance by popping corks of some goodies to get you in that mindset.   

                         COME ONE, COME ALL. BRING THE KIDS, BRING THE DOG!   

                          Mas Bella Garnatxa from Tarragona singing with sweet red fruit.

      Albamar Albarino from the Green Spain region of Rias Biaxas.  Atlantic, cool, delicious white wine.

     Montana Perucchi Vermu made in Barcelona since 1876 is a gingered, spicy treat.  We will offer a zesty orange  twist and an ice cube to really get you to your happy place. 


                        Thanks as always for your business and friendship.  It makes the world go 'round! 


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