A month ago we might have suggested filling a kiddie pool with this stuff. An judging by how much went out the door, maybe some of you did. So with summer waning, yet warm temps hanging around, I wanted to make one last play for this year's house favorite white wine.

Chateau de Rey Si's Plau 2015

For just $10.

Si's Plau is made in a typical wine style in Catalonia (in this case, the French side near Perpignan)--an exuberant, youthful, slightly spritzy white, with low alochol (important) and ready to drink anytime. We've sold wines like this from Spain for the prior few years and waltzed them right out the door. I expected nothing less with this here wine and you proved me correct.

With about just 15 cases left, I think the time is right to grab another 6 or 12 if you tried it and liked it and need some more. Or, if you skipped this one over, please consider this quote from a customer that first tried it:

"Holy hell that's good!"

Chateau de Rey has become a real mainstay at the shop. Cathy Sisquelle's red and rosé (plus my favorite dry Muscat) have hit many recylcing bins over the last six months, but this summer white takes the cake. Made from early ripening grapes like Macabeo and Grenache Blanc and bottled with a scoche of trapped carbonics, the wine is cristalline and aromatic with fresh cut flowers, lemon/lime, and nectarines.

Cathy wants you to drink it cold as an apéro, or with a big plate of fresh seafood. Or, because you just need something to unscrew, pour a glass, and then rest the cool bottle against the back of your neck!

Chateau de Rey Si's Plau 2015, $12

On Sale for $11

Six-Packs at $10

or the new low, low price of $9/bottle on Twelve or more

Want some? Please simply reply to this email with your request: "Sixer", "Dozen"--something to that effect and I'll make the magic happen. Or, click the link or photo above to read more about a Chateau de Rey (and a snake story) and order some online.

I'll have Si's Plau (Catalan for "please") open through the weekend as supplies last. Come and get it!



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