Well, we've hit that time of year when its red, red, and more red wine walking out the door every day. But, many of you have asked for nice little mix of whites to go with your fall and winter stock up. So here ya go!

Below, are your Six Essential Whites for Fall. Stock your fridge with these clean, refreshing, yet complex whites--five from France and one Beauty from Spain.

 All wrapped together for just $79 on a 6-pack, or $150 for a mixed "Double Down" case.

Here's what's inside:

  • Domaine de la Camarette Armonia Blanc, Provence, France, 2015, $12--a wonderful example of a Provencale kitchen sink white wine. Juicy, fresh, lively and downright quaffable. Hard to beat as an everyday "house" white.
  • Garate Txakoli, Basque, Spain 2015, $16--The most wonderfully aromatic wine in the bunch. Made from a small farm just minutes from the sea near Bilbao, here's the white to pair with your pumpkin soup, salad with dried cranberries, or to nibble with a piece of manchego while you watch some football.
  • Mas Seren Etamin Blanc, Languedoc, France 2014, $19--voted the best white in the Languedoc last year in Lyon. A great honor for Emmanuelle Schoch, whose wines just continue getting better year after year. This white blends Viognier, Vermentino, and Grenache Blanc into a beautiful, rich and complex wine. Just delicious...
  • Bainbridge & Cathcart Les Jongleurs, Loire, France 2015, $21--The man with the crown cap is back! Toby Bainbridge is an Englishman living in France and making wines that are all natural and real. Jongleurs is his pure, unadulterated Chenin Blanc, bottled "naked" in a clear glass bottle and easily accessed with a simple bottle opener. (This is Dan's favorite in the lot)
  • Hautes Noelles Gros Plant, Loire, France 2015, $13--Okay acid freaks, here you go. Gros plant is the ugly duckling "other" grape variety of the Muscadet part of the Loire, a cool ocean-influenced zone near Nantes and the Atlantic Ocean. I love the "salt on the lips" style of this wine. But don't be fooled--it's anything but simple. A realy eye opener!
  • Croix Montjoie L'Impatiente Bourgogne Blanc, France 2015, $22.50--Mmmmm, real white burgundy. Sophie and Matthieu Wolliez have an awesome thing going at their charming estate in northern Burgundy near the hilltop village of Vezelay. This unoaked Chardonnay will have you licking your lips for more. It is a creamy, rich, structured wine without the cotton candy caramel sundae lamp oil sensations that often come with oaky high-alcohol versions. You'll call me back on this one...

All in all that makes six dry white wines you'll be serve as guests come over for that holiday tipple, or as an accompaniment to your grand dinner. (Or, just to have ready to drink in the fridge!)

Added together, my math shows the full retail at just north of $100. But your price?

 Just $79.00 for the 6-pack
$150.00 for a "Double Down" (2 bottles of each to make a solid case)

To order, simply reply to this emai with your request: "6pack" or "Double Down". The wines will be ready to go starting today, Wednesday 11/2 at Noon.

Come and get 'em!





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