C'est ici!  Spring is decidedly in full swing and is coaxing us to the patio where we can heal our winter whoas with a blue sky, good friends, and a center cut of $34.99 Spring Chinook.  Ouch, may have to skip the latter but it's fine to substitute for some simple but expressive and hopeful wines procurred from teeny, tiny friendly producers from lands a far. Invite the neighbors, pitch a tent, and let the fun begin!







                                               FRIDAY TASTING 4PM-7PM- Come one, come all!

Simonis Riesling from Alsace is the steely and elegant saber of Alsace. Lean and flinty but  loads of Quince and white flower.  Poach an egg to top the newly arrived Oregon asparagus and that's good living.   $19

House favorite HeHo from Domaine Hautes Noelles is a pure, little earthy/ little fleshy bit of simplicity from Loire Valley. This trio of Loire red grapes: Cab Franc (mostly), Grolleau, and Gamay with a bit of carbonic maceration in the mix.  Don't worry, it's a good thing.  We'll talk;)   $15

La Chretienne is the baby Bandol for whom you have been waiting.  This silky and subtle Provencal rouge is one of the 5 best things of Provence.  The other 4.... The smell of Rosemary nonstop permeating the air, the guys in skimpy yellow speedos and expensive gold watches doing the San Tropez strut, Pastis and Petanque... in that order, and the 3 full aisles of Rose wine, all in the 6 euro range at the Monoprix chain grocery outside Toulon.  Oui, Oui.   $14 

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