Right about this time the last 2 years I sent a similar missive and warned you that I would do it only once. (an empty threat) And don't get used to it!

Well, same idea again this Spring, friends. This will be the only offer of its kind for 2018. Sometimes during my travels I come across wines that make me say to myself, "Self, I'd like a few cases of these at home." You know, wines for any 'ol reason--friends dropping by unexpectedly? Done. Something to just bust open while you're cooking or barbecuing? Rack and crack it.

Guilty pleasures. Without the guilt.

Honestly, there's just not much out there at $8-9 bottle that I would shake a wine opener at. This is one of those "bonuses of membership" deals that make buying direct imports pretty fun. These are $12 and $15 wines that are yours for essentially the wholesale price. Love that math.

Let's go!

Domaine du Tave 'Blanc du Tave' 2017--This is a repeat performance of last year...and the year before that. I fear that if I DON'T include it somebody might get angry with me. So, I went back to Audrey Latard and asked for more. She only made a few thousand bottles, again, and happily obliged. This is a pretty darn unique white wine for a Rhône offering--pure Muscat Petit Grains (yes, it's DRY), made entirely in stainless steel, and meant to drink directly from tank, if you could do that. Make this one ice cold and let those lychee and orange rind aromas whet your appetite. (regular $12)

Mas Seren Etincelle Rouge 2016--Emmanuelle Schoch is our #1 winery. I've imported more from her over the last 3 years than any other winemaker we work with. I think that says a lot about her wines--delicious, great value, and easy to return to. This one is her "front line" red, a juicy, uncommonly rich wine made of Syrah and the local Cinsault. I love it a tad cool too. In nearby Anduze you might catch the locals drinking a tumbler of this with an ice cube or two floating in it. Why not?! (regular $15)

So here's the deal: Any mixed or solid case of the above two wines will run you just $100--no questions asked. You can order in any combination you'd like. Simply reply to this email with your request: "Six of each", "9 white, 3 red", "Case of each"--whatever your pleasure.

Or, click the links above to read more about each wine and winery, and order online. (on the product page you can easily toggle to the other wine)

I expect both wines about mid-July--ready for Summer and for enjoying into the early Fall.

Ready. Set. Go!



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