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When I go to France on one of my "painful" wine buying junkets, I'm always sure to have dinner with Le Professeur. The Professor is Frederic Brochet, a friend and winemaker working magic in the largely unknown Haut-Poitou in western France, about 30 minutes from the nice city of Poitiers. This is a generally unknown and mostly unappreciated part of France. But I love it here. It's close to the sea, sports a temperate climate, feels like the old country, and has lots of ancient stuff.

It's also the saffron capital of France and a great place to go mushrooming. 

We call Fred the professor because he holds a PhD in the science of taste from the University of Bordeaux (only in France, right?) Tasting with Fred is at once subjective but also scientific. He's super-sensitive to wine flaws and is thoroughly exacting with his own goods. His wines can be many things but they're always correct, that's for sure.

So Fred and I ate together after spending the day at his winery, catching up on the new wines, talking about his numerous projects, and plotting a course to change the wine world. Fun stuff.

There's almost too much going on at Ampelidae, Fred's winery. He has new projects left and right, new vineyards, new winery equipment, a new partnership in a restaurant and wine boutique in Poitiers (where we ate), and he spends more time on planes than at home. I find it tiring just to think about all that he does. He's nuts.

Over the last 5 years Fred has launched a lineup of wines that are his signature wines if you will. They bear his last name, Brochet, and one is even packaged in a distinctive square shouldered bottle that screams elegance. For these wines he culls the best of what he works with...and he works with a lot!

Often, he makes just a few thousand bottles of each wine.

I currently have a few cases of three different of these small production wines, two whites and a red, and thought I'd offer a few folks a 3-pack, at a pretty sweet price, in order to give them a try.

Here they are, a Loire Trifecta:

Ampelidae Brochet Cabernet Franc 'Le Fuye' 2014, IGP Val de Loire. Pure, organically grown Cabernet Franc from the Haut-Poitou. Vinified and aged in stainless steel tanks and older barrels. Succulent, rich, and mouthwatering. Yum. $24

Ampelidae Brochet Sauvignon Gris 2014, IGP Val de Loire. Also known as Fie Gris closer to the Atlantic in Nantes, this wine will be an eye-opener for you. Lush, rich, concentrated white wine that manages to guard its fresh acidity and gives a little kiss of salt on the lips. $18

Ampelidae Sauvignon Blanc 'Le S' 2014, IGP Val de Loire. Hands down the best Sauvignon Blanc we sell that's not called Sancerre. In fact, I'd challenge you to sneak it into a blind Sancerre tasting and see how it goes. Finely layered, dry  and succulent. $24

At full retail that adds up to $66 for a bottle of each.

But, I'd like to offer you these wines for the really nice price of just $50. That's it.

To order, please simply reply to this email with your request and I'll send you an email confirmation. The wines are in and available starting tomorrow, Tuesday, when we open at 11am. They'd all look great on your Thanksgiving table.



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