Bon dia!

I've been overdue to offer up something like this. Many of you know about my love affair with northeast Spain. Catalonia is among my favorite parts of the wine world.

On a quick jaunt in and out of Barcelona last fall I (re)tasted all these wines and came away understanding 4 things.

  1. I feel quite lucky to work with all these small wineries,
  2. All the wines are happy making and Catalan people are awesome,
  3. Catalonia might be making some of the most interesting wines in the world and there is no better quality/value ratio perhaps anywhere,
  4. and I really like good ham.

The Catalan people sure are in the news a lot, and everywhere I went the conversation was dominated by the topic of independence. The energy is palpable and its good to see a political movement at work with concerned citizens and active participants.

So, let's call this 3-pack a celebration of sorts too.

Catalan Reds 3-pack

 Just $59 for the trifecta (regular at $73)

You'll get one of each of the following:

  • Saó del Coster Priorat 'S' 2015
  • Celler Comalats Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2005 (no joke, a dozen years in the bottle)
  • Terra Remota Emporda 'Camino' 2014

In general you should look for wines that taste like they were grown in a sunny climate--darker fruited, ample; but also made with some refinement and clarity. You've got an older wine, and some younger wines. And I wouldn't hesitate to open a single one right away.

To order please reply to this email with "3pack" or "2x" or something like that. Or click the link or photo above to read more and order on-line. Supplies are limited but the wines are in the house and ready to go right away.



PS--I'm in town for about 3 weeks and plan to be at the store with bells on this Saturday from 11am-6pm. Please stop by to say HI, taste some wine, and talk shop with me!

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