Hey Rosé Fans,

A quick and rare Saturday note to tell you about a rosé we opened yesterday, having just unloaded it directly from Spain, that I think could be right up your alley. Since you've bought Rosé from us before I wanted to offer you a shot at the limited quantity we have available.

The pink wine in question is a pure Tempranillo (locally called Ull de Lebre, the rabbit's eye) from Mas Bella near the Mediterranean city of Tarragona. We really love these Mas Bella wines and everything Elisa Ribes is doing in her vineyards and small village winery.

In fact, Mas Bella is available just a few places in the world outside their winery, and nowhere else in the US. Elisa made just about 1000 bottles of this wine and we grabbed almost 20% of it!

Mas Bella Rosat 2015, $16

On sale today for $14

And better... 6-packs at just $75, that's $12.50/bottle!

Tempranillo makes darn interesting wine, especially reds, and what is rosé but really light colored red wine? With this wine Elisa crafts something that is at once refreshing, as rosé is supposed to be, yet also sneaky rich and complex. We love the spicy, smoky aromatics that lead to a Catalonian fruit salad of berries and cherries.

But I think the key here is the proximity to the sea. Lots of Spanish rosé can be tooty-fruity and sometimes a little sweet, but not here. The wine is quite dark in color, but with a nice savory, seaside quality that makes it really quite delicious. Ready made for the beach!

Want some? Simply, reply to this email with your request, or click the link above to read more about Mas Bella and order online. Also, as supplies last I'll have a bottle open for tasting today if you happen to be in the neighborhood.



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