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A few years ago, on a whim, we sent an offer for something called a Thanksgiving Survival Kit. It turned out to be one of our most popular 6-packs of the year. Something about the seemingly disparate mix of wines resonated with folks. For us, that's what Thanksgiving is all about! I mean, there's no one perfect bottle to go with a meal featuring 8-19 different dishes, right?

Because of the popularity of this 6-pack we're doing things a bit differently this year by accepting pre-orders,! Your credit card won't be charged yet, but this will helps us be sure we have enough of everything to go around.

Here are the featured wines this year:

The Sparkler (in Pink)
For five straight years, we've featured a dry, sparkling, rosé at the top of this lineup. This year's comes to you from the mouth of the Loire, near Nantes, courtesy of our friend Jean-Pierre Guedon at Les Hautes Noelles. It's a celebratory kinda wine, meant to be yelled out loud as "Hey-Hooo!" Dry, refreshing and delicious. He-Ho Les Bulles, NV $21

The Perfect White for when you need a perfect white
A slightly off-dry number this year, direct from the Portugal back country. Winemaker Marco Montez, Portuguese born, raised in Angola, and now living in Boston, has celebrated a few Thanksgivings himself. His family cranks down their aromatic and bright Ensaio Branco--a field blend of native varieties that is mouthwatering, delicious, and easy to drink while doing all your cooking prep the morning of. Penada Ensaio Branco, Trans-os-Montes 2017, $15

Spain (and Cabernet Sauvignon) on the Brain
You know we're Catalonia fans around here. But way out in the countryside, where it looks more like western Kansas than west of Barcelona, we find three sibling of the Bonet family growing just one grape--Cabernet Sauvignon. And man is it good. Dark purple color, a silky tannin, and gobbed up with fruit, this is a real eye opener of a Catalan red wine. Meant to be drunk young, like right now. Comalats Cabernet Sauvignon 'Alosa' Jove 2016, $16

The Really Really Pretty
There is no way, I mean no way, to do a Thanksgiving six-pack and not include a Pinot Noir. But you know, we just can't do anything normal style, you know? So we went to Burugundy's tiniest appellation, on the eastern flank of the Loire, and found us some lovely and lively Pinot from the obscure Cotes-de-la Charité. This is the wine you want just a bit cool to wash down that crispy Turkey skin, or to cut through the mushroom gravy. Puits de Compostelle Pinot Noir 2015, $21

Because I would be dumb not to include this Barbera
No way we're going to do this six-pack without an Italian wine. And this one, at the ridiculous price of $12 is just too good to ignore. The wine was an accident, according to Savio Domenici. He made a couple palettes of it for a retailer in Vicenza who then backed out on the deal. What a jerk. So, we bought it all instead! Fruit-forward, juicy, and downright delicious Barbera. Alemat Barbera Lidarosa 2015, $12

To Infinity, and Beyond!
We finish back in the south of France, in a small hamlet deep in the Cevennes, where Emmanuelle Schoch continues her march toward greatness. Her wines are all named after astronomical terms, I think because stargazing speaks to her visions for the future of her winery. With this, her top red wine, a heady blend of Syrah and Grenache, she truly reaches for the stars. This is the one you should get out AFTER the meal just so you have something to sip. Mas Seren Mintaka 2015, $32

At some time or another, nearly every single variety of wine has been offered by journalistic types as the "perfect" wine for the holiday table. Our selection focuses on wines meant to keep EVERYONE in the family happy, including you. You in?

One bottle of each for just $96

(at a regular price of $117, by my math)
 Or, you can DOUBLE DOWN and get 2 bottles of each wine for just $180

That's almost 18% off the regular price and at $15-16/bottle some super delicious, holiday table-ready wine. To order one or more of these nice deals, simply reply to this email with your request--"6-pack" or "Double Down".

Your reply today is a Pre-Order Only. Your card will not be charged yet.

Your Survival Kit(s) will be ready to pickup or ship starting the week of November 14th and available all the way through Thanksgiving Eve. We hope you'll try them out.
Gobble Gobble!

Yamile, Tom and Dan

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