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House Cru

For many years, before we lived here full-time, we would travel to France, Italy, Spain or Portugal and settle ourselves into a small village, creating a home base from which to explore. In doing so we could get to know the local bar owner, maybe a cheese producer or two, and definitely a local winery. And it would always be at the latter where we would walk out with a mixed case of wine that would theoretically cover us for a 2-week stay at our AirBnB.

It dawned on us last year, this might be an interesting way to put together our quarterly club too.

Instead of mixing up six disparate wines from six different places and six particular wineries, why not show off ONE WINERY, and give you a picture of their entire range? This way, it would be like joining a brand new winery club every 90 days, and then moving on to the next one. The other cool thing is that your 6-pack will be packed AT the winery. How's that for feeling like you just visited the tasting room yourself?

With this club you will receive at least 3 different bottles (two of each), but sometimes more. Along with the shipment we'll include a great background story on each winery, and some notes on each wine provided directly by the winemaker. The idea will be to keep this a highly-curated selection that can't be found anywhere else.

Until you spend your next two weeks in Europe that is...

Each six-pack will be under $120. Your choice of:



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Red/White Mixed Case

All REDS Mixed Case

All WHITES Mixed Case