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Most wine is bought and sold via a convoluted network of distributors, shippers, agents, brokers and other various middlemen. By the time it hits your doorstep, it's anyone's guess as to how many warehouses, docks, trucks, and shipping containers a bottle has touched.

Along every step of the way too many bottles lose their original story. 

A few times each week we send out offers for wines that rarely see the light of day in the American market. With a full-time home in France, we're right there in the middle of the action, knocking on doors and turning over rocks every day of the week.

The emails you'll receive are just little vignettes really, sent to a closed list of subscribers, offering those special and limited bottles that we discover during our travels. This gives you the opportunity to purchase some for yourself at a pre-arrival wholesale discount--usually 25-33% lower than retail.

We'll tell you about the wine you buy--not with arbitrary numerical scores or a raft of scientific data, but through our firsthand experience. We'll make you feel like YOU'RE RIGHT THERE WITH US, every step of the way, getting to know the people and stories behind every bottle we select and import.

That's our pitch. Care to join us?