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Vadio (Vilharino do Bairro, Poutena  )

DO Bairrada Tinto, Branco and Spumante White and Rosé

VADIO is a small family project founded in 2005 by winemaker Luís Patrão that has as an essential element that cannot be overlooked. Luís is most interested in the recovery of Bairrada's traditional grape varieties and the production of authentic DOC Bairrada wines.

Among his three small garden-like and very distinct vineyards, is a tiny plot of century-old Baga vines, twisted, gnarly, and wonderful. But Luís looks to this small plot not for his best grapes every year (in fact he says farming this bit is a PITA), he treats it like a nursery, guaranteeing that all his future vineyards will be planted using this massale selection, and keeping the heart soul of his small valley alive. 

I dig that a lot.

Luís works from an old warehouse in Vilarinho that used to be a stockage for his father's agricultural supply company. It is now a clean, modern winery.

Our day with Luís began with a mandatory vineyard walk, moved on to a barrel tasting, and ended with a classic Leitão à Bairrada, a traditional suckling pig roast that is a wonderful particularity of the region. And there is where Luís' wines begain to shine. The white washed down the salty appetizer of cracklin's, and the sparkling wines were consumed throughout the main event, keeping the palate fresh with all that rich and fatty food. We gained a quick understanding as to why sparkling wines have become so popular in Bairrada. They're necessary!

After lunch, a tasting of the Vadio reds sealed the deal, the newly botled young one, and the specially reserved 10-year release. So we bought em all! 

And here they are: