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Domaine du Tave (Rhone Valley, Vinsobres)

AOC Vinsobres

I can't understand why Audrey Latard isn't more well known. She has a 'Cru' level address, is one of the most nice and affable young vigneronnes in the business, and her wines are thoroughly delicious and enjoyable. 

When I first visited her this past August, I took note of lots of construction materials lining the driveway--shingles, cement blocks, pipes--that sort of stuff. She was building/renovating a house on the property so she could finally live near the winery rather than commute from Vaison every day. I asked if she would install a sign for the winery along the road (I had trouble finding her) and she shrugged indifferently. It's just me, she said. I put up a sign, I only work in the tasting room. What happens to the vineyard?

I love this sort of matter-of-fact-ness. The gleam in her eye as I asked this question seemed to say, hey dummy, YOU found me--so can others (with an appointment)!

This was about as easy an afternoon of wine tasting as I've ever had. Audrey's wines are delicious, if not judiciously made. With only 4 hectares of vines and about 2000 cases to go around, we have here a true small-farm economic model folks. 

Domaine du Tave Cotes-du-Rhone Villages 'Sensation' 2015
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Domaine du Tave Cotes du Rhone Cuvee Creation 2015
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Domaine du Tave 'Blanc du Tave' 2018
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Domaine du Tave Cuvee Delice Cotes-du-Rhone Rose 2018
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