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CorksCru Wine Merchants

There are no truths, only stories.

--Simon Ortiz


CorksCru was founded in 2011 by Dan, a certified wine dork, and a couple people that believed his stories. Nearly a decade later our 'litte engine that could' pumps out thousands of boxes a year to Portland wine lovers, and beyond.

We don't chase scores, we're our own worst critics, and we're proletariat retailers--Wine for the People!

Our favorite wineries are small and European. Mostly we work with the independent winemaker, the mom-n-pop shop, and the little guy. We don't sell brand names and we don't commoditize our products. All we really do is tell stories about the people we meet. The rest is just grape juice and future recycling.

Are we idealists? Probably. 

In 2019 we closed our little retail store, and our world became digital. We send 2 or 3 wine offers per week by email, and our loyal customers now find us in our temperature-controlled warehouse to grab their loot. S├ębastien a new wine geek that joined the team in 2021, is the guy that will greet you there and help fill your car and tasting glass. 

That's us!