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CorksCru Wine Merchants

Some FAQ about what we do...

Beginning April 1st 2019, we consolidated our importing and retailing activities into our warehouse at 4629 SE 17th St. in Portland. That's where we'll be when you need us.

Q: Can I set an appointment to meet at the warehouse at a particular time for a pickup? Yes. Just email us and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Q: Could you just deliver to me directly? Yes. UPS is very efficient and in some cases we may even be able to drop off directly for you.  

Q: Will I able to “bottle shop” from your shelves, or just “drop by” for a pickup? Yes, but only during one of the 6-8 open weekends in our warehouse over the course of the year. Or, contact us at to schedule a private appointment.

Q: Can I shop, join clubs, and read about wines online? Yes! 24/7.

Q: What's your 10-second elevator pitch? Here's what we do best--bring you great wines, from lesser known wineries, with amazing prices. We work overwhelmingly with winemakers that run their business on a shoestring, minimize their overhead, and dedicate everything they have into the finished product. We think it's important to run our business with similar principles.

Q: Okay, but from a warehouse in SE Portland? Really? Yep, because it's cool there. Literally. We made a big investment to climate control our space at a constant 59 degrees--perfect cellar temperature. This is really good for the wines you buy. Our winemakers remark to us often that their wines taste exactly the same in Portland, 5000 miles from home, as they do in the winery where they're made. The reason? Temperature control from their door to ours. Period. Everyone should want that from their retailer.

Q: But but...A retailer needs a retail store, don't they? Retail is just a pricing scheme, not a street level physical presence. We're in this biz for different reasons--to seek out delicious wines made by genuine people with interesting stories, and then deliver them directly to you. Over the years a few thousand of you have found your way toward what we're doing and gotten hooked. As long as we remain accessible, we can talk in a big, open warehouse, by email, or over dinner in Paris if that's what you want.

Q: What do you do there exactly? The warehouse space is really neat, with super high ceilings, lots of natural light, a shuffleboard table, and loads of free parking. In the coming years we can imagine everything from small group tastings around a table surrounded by palettes and boxes, to big grand events with caterers, food carts, and maybe some music.

Q: Can I just come find you at a store too? Or with regular hours? We're most effective if we're out in the wine world, meeting winemakers, tasting wines, taking photos, and coordinating great bottles to ship back home to you. By minimizing overhead, this will allow us to keep our selections fresh and unique, and most of all, our prices sharp!